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"I couldn't imagine having anyone else other than Dave as my instructor, I enjoyed my lessons which helped massively to passing my test, first time. Nothing was ever a problem for Dave, he'd do anything he could to help and I'd always recommend him to anyone!"

- Jessica Curran

EVO Driver Training logo creation

07/12/2013 - When we started EVO Driver Training, a professional, all encompassing logo was a priority, after all, it's our identity. With this in mind, amongst or own ideas and sketches, we turned to David Booth of Illustration Booth.

I've only met David briefly in the past but found him an extremely pleasant gentleman, knowledgeable in his field of work and also with a great reputation. David has previously worked with Rapanui and also Chris Cowley (Isle of Wight Wedding Photographer) so he has a great CV, which in turn, gave us great confidence that he could produce the artwork we required.

In the beginning, all David had to work with were my suggestions of "make it appeal to all age groups" and "it should relate to EVOlution". With this in mind he hit the sack that night, brain busy mulling over ideas, ready for the next day starting on our logo. David contacted me the following day with his first draft (below) and his thoughts behind it:-

"The idea behind this design is that the letters making up the word EVO are refined to their most efficient, evolved form. It's pretty edgy I think, but I know you're keen on modern methods of teaching and using the latest technology to help your students, so I wanted to reflect this with a sharp, contemporary design that's a bit different from the norm.

I've sampled the Red and Green from your cars to give you an idea of how decals might look"

We gave David some feedback on the initial design and he scurried away to put those into the second stage of design. The results, we thought, were a good improvement but still not quite what we were looking for. David said:

"I've had a bit of a play around and attached a couple more designs. The first of which shows the original with a notch taken out of the 'V' and a hole drilled in the 'O', and the second is another step in it's evolution with the 'e' becoming an 'E' to match your existing branding.

There's still a way to go and more options to explore; I started work on a version with Driver Training outlined and introducing a little more colour, and I also want to try something slightly more traditional to avoid putting off older clients, with the letters growing from left to right as suggested."


Off he went again with more of our thoughts and the following morning he sent this message:-

"Coming back to it after a bit of a break I think I can see what the problem is. The first design worked as a composition because the lowercase 'e' mirrors the 'o', but the uppercase 'E' in Logo 3 destroys the symmetry and balance. Because of this there's no way that it'll work with this particular style so I'm going to go back to the sketchbook and develop a new design based on the useful feedback you have provided so far:

Capitalisation of the word EVO a requirement
More balance between traditional and contemporary for guaranteed wide appeal
Variation from small to big representing evolution
More colour experimentation
Slightly more emphasis on 'Driver Training'"


In the mean time, Bradley Croll had been putting his ideas down too, coming up with the idea below.

Following tradition, I forwarded this artwork to David as more feedback. Later that evening, whilst at a meeting with my colleagues, David sent his 4th design. Upon opening the attachment, my eyes lit up, "we've got it!" I expressed to everyone, I turned my phone screen to them, and their reaction was the same as mine, a somewhat breakthrough moment in our short time together as a team. Below is the final design and David's initial sketches. These were David's accompanying words with this latest design:-

"Thanks for sending that over. I like the way the V forms a tick, so I've actually incorporated it into this design (that's what learners will want to see on their test forms after all)

With this one I've attempted to make the word 'EVO' more legible by sticking with traditional letterforms, it's all done in uppercase to match your existing branding and I've solved the problem of the 'E' looking too blocky and out of place by curving the back to match the curve of the 'O' opposite. I think it makes the 'E' look a bit like the front of a car with the 'V' forming a seat and the 'O' a back wheel - which was a total accident but kinda cool!

I've given it a 3D twist to add visual interest, and the EVO could be done in pretty much whatever colour you fancied to suit the colour of car that it's on. Based on your feedback I have also increased the size of the 'Driver Training' text to make it more legible on the fly. I've also used a slightly more dynamic looking font.

I think it's less edgy than the first so should have more mass appeal