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"Having had a bad experience with another driving school, I was a bit anxious about learning to drive, but Dave soon made me forget all about that. His enthusiasm, support and great sense of humour meant that I actually looked forward to each lesson rather than dreading it! I would wholeheartedly recommend Dave to anyone"

- Leighton Atchison-Warne

Why did EVO Driver Training Ltd form as a Co-operative?

During our initial meetings where the concept of EVO Driver Training started, the intention was to form a driving school geared towards a less pressured business model for the instructor. 

This is where the idea of forming a Co-operative really took root, where there would be no large franchise fees, which can range from £200 a month to as much as £200 a week. The Co-operative format produces mutual benefits for the client, the driving school and will also keep the instructors fees far lower than any franchise.

The school is overseen by a managing committee, the instructors having an equal part to play in the development and planning for the future of the organisation. The instructors have the incentive and motivation to promote the school to potential clients and families, at the same time as sharing equal responsibilities.

Each instructor member works as a sole trader and everyone shares the expenses of the business, which is collectively owned. We are also able to put more effort into resources for the benefit of our customers, for example, our guide videos and the Theory Test Pro app we provide for free to all pupils. It is also a condition of membership for each instructor to constantly improve their instructional skills by CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

This structure is far better than the more common franchise that we all know. We will be regulated by the Co-operative and have to fulfil certain criteria to maintain our status as a member.

Any new Instructor joining can join with the confidence of knowing everything is regulated, know what their money is being spent on and have an equal say in how that money is spent.

From a pupil's point of view, driving improves your chance of employment and enables you to broaden your horizons, going where you want when you want, giving you the independence others take for granted. Learning to drive is a necessary and great experience.

Our reputation is dependent on our performance with our pupils, which is especially important on the Isle of Wight, based on how much they enjoy the learning process, how cost effective our individual learning plans are and how safe our finished drivers become.