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"I couldn't imagine having anyone else other than Dave as my instructor, I enjoyed my lessons which helped massively to passing my test, first time. Nothing was ever a problem for Dave, he'd do anything he could to help and I'd always recommend him to anyone!"

- Jessica Curran

Test Passes

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Oliver Harbidge (Manual)

Oliver Harbidge (Manual)

Wed 5 September 2018

Congratulations Oliver, an excellent First Time pass with only 3 driving faults this morning. All the best with your career at The Royal, might see you for an afternoon tea sometime (Click Here Book Driving Lessons with Dave)

Dave Williams (Manual)

Dave Williams (Manual)

Fri 10 August 2018

Congratulations Dave on an excellent First Time pass with only 2 driving faults this morning, best of luck with the house move next week and I'll look out for you on the road whether bicycle/motorcycle/car/running soon (Click Here to book Driving Lessons with Dave)

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