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Customer Feedback

"Excellent driver training, I couldn't have asked for a better instructor than Alan White, always on time and his patience knows no bounds. Made me feel really confident and comfortable. Look no further for the perfect driving school"

- Dan Bradbury

Pupil testimonials

A selection of comments from some of our pupils that have passed

Mags Cogger

I just wanted to let you know how amazing Jeff has been with my daughter. Jeff was so calm that she was put at ease straight away. With Jeff’s patience and fantastic teaching style she passed quickly after lockdown.
As a family we would 100% recommend Jeff as an instructor. He ticked all the boxes and we’re not a taxi service anymore. Looking forward to our son learning with Jeff when he’s old enough.

Polly Kitcher

I would like to say a huge thank you to Jeff for helping me pass my test first time. He gave me so much confidence and kept me positive when I was feeling panicky and stressed out. He took so much time explaining things so I could understand clearly and didn't mind going back over things again and again. Thanks again Jeff for being so patient and helping me to belive in myself!

Dylan Salter

Les helped me a lot with my nerves and helped me to pass, would definitely recommend him!

Melanie Partington

Jeff Dowsett is an extremely professional, kind and patient instructor. After experiencing a complete phobia of driving for 25 year coupled with an irrational fear of oncoming traffic Jeff had his work cut out! His perseverance and calm manner helped me to not only pass my test but to develop the skills necessary to become a safe and considerate driver for life. Jeff has the ability to adapt to the students learning style and is most astute in recognising and correcting areas which may prove to be problematic in ones future driving career. Aside from this Jeff has a super sense of humour and is very generous with his time. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Jeff you are a star, I will miss our lessons!

Alisma Dodd

Just to say a huge thank you to Jeff for teaching me to drive and to pass my test first time, I had always struggled with driving and lacked confidence and skill.
Jeff really went the extra mile with helping me achieve my goal. Jeff's peaceful, constructive manner really helped me to be less nervous, enjoy my lessons and find it easier to learn.
The EVO website and learning material was also brilliant and had all the information to help preogess and become a safe knowledgable driver!
Thanks so much!

Akim Belekov

Been fantastic driving with Bob, very patient, considerate and friendly, couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Would recommend this legendary man, 10 out of 10!

Kirstie Hall

Massive thank you to Alan.. awesome instructor.. so patient .. such a laugh, always felt relaxed whilst on my driving lessons! 100% recommended !! Such a great guy

Steven Brady

I'd like to thank Jeff for all the help he has given me and giving me the confidence to pass my test today. He's a patient instructor and its a pleasure doing my driving lessons with him. Thank you Jeff mate

Iain Giles

Everyone who is learning to drive go with Alan White, he is a legend

Bobbie Powell

I couldn't of asked for a better instructor, thankyou soooooo much Jeff. I couldn't have passed without u!!!!!!

Amr Mousa

Thanks Jeff for your effort. I would recommend Jeff for anybody .. Just with a few driving lessons I felt a great difference from my previous instructor and was able to pass with only 2 minors 

Ben Charles

Thank you so much Alan for being the best instructor I could have hoped for! Great driving school HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Andy Howlett

Jeff's brilliant, a 100% track record with my family, myself and three cousins all passed first time!

Ben Wolfe

Thank you Alan for helping me perfect my driving to pass first time! 

Charlotte Davis

Can't thank you enough Jeff, you really helped to build my confidence

Leah Brett

I couldn't have done it without you Alan. You helped me so much in everything from improving my reversing to my confidence behind the wheel. Lovely man too, I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks again for getting me through it

Laura Harding

Jeff is the best driving instructor I have had. After a bad experience with another school, I was nervous and he helped rebuild my confidence. He is patient and understanding. I passed first time and only two minors. I can't thank him enough, 10 out of 10!

John Millar

Dave is a good man, friendly and professional. He helped me gain the skills and confidence to pass first time even with me moving the goalposts and needing my licence sooner than we had planned.

Sammi Barrett

Learning to drive with Jeff was the best thing I ever done, I've never been so proud of myself! It was down to your patience that I got through it and I'm a comfortable, safe driver now. Thank you 

Megan Prigmore

Dave was the best driving instructor I could have asked for, he made me feel relaxed & confident as I'm not the easiest person to teach. I want to thank him for being patient with me as he needed the patience of a Saint! Dave has a way of teaching that will stay in your head long after you've passed, I'll always remember "Tyres & Tarmac!". My Mum is also happy now I have my own independence. Dave is a brilliant instructor & I would recommend him to anyone!

Andy Wyatt

Dave is a nice, friendly instructor with good teaching methods. He provides lots of helpful learning material and is always on hand for advice.

Wendy Lamanna

After attempting to learn to drive for a while with a couple of different instructors I was recommended to Dave Simmonds. He was amazing. Very friendly, funny, kind and most of all patient. He was always flexible and punctual. He made the driving lessons enjoyable and taught in ways which I understood and were relevant to me. Would never recommend anyone else. Thank you so much.

Chelsea Cole

Would like to say a massive thank you to Alan White. Would recommend Alan White from EVO to anyone learning to drive. Can't believe I passed first time wouldn't have been able to do it without Alan. I always felt like my driving experience was up and down I'd have one good lesson and then a bad one and at one point I never believed that I would be able to drive! However, Alan gave me confidence and he had so much patience as I have to admit I'm not the easiest person to teach! I really enjoyed lessons with him he was very lenient and convient and made me feel at ease from the first day! His lessons were worth every penny. He is very witty and im sure in the future I'll still remember his tips 'tires and tarmac' I honestly can't thank him enough and honestly would tell anyone to have lessons with him!

Kirstie Hewison

Learning to drive with Dave was a great experience. He manages to provide driving lessons that are both professional and fun, with a strong focus on your individual learning needs. I'd recommend him to anyone

Josh Craig

Jeff showed me what real driving was all about, what a difference from my previous instructor

Tasha Dunford

I had tried learning with other instructors before Dave but he helped me learn in a way that suited me. Adapting driving lessons to the way I learnt really helped me to gain confidence. Dave has taught me a valuable life skill and I'm very grateful for everything he has done for me. 

Leighton Atchison-Warne

Having had a bad experience with another driving school, I was a bit anxious about learning to drive, but Dave soon made me forget all about that. His enthusiasm, support and great sense of humour meant that I actually looked forward to each driving lesson rather than dreading it! I would wholeheartedly recommend Dave to anyone

Frances Sharp

Not only did Dave help me pass my driving test first time with only 3 minors, but the level of support continued after I passed, with advice on insurance, access to refresher videos on the website and opportunities for further qualifications such as the Pass Plus scheme

Aiden Goddard

Thanks Jeff for giving me the confidence to drive especially in those tricky situations like overtaking. I would recommend you to any of my friend

Shelby Banks

During my driving lessons with Dave I always felt I had support, learning was personalised to me and I felt safe and comfortable at all times. I was guided throughout and it was fun and easy for me to understand. I always knew where I was with my progress and really enjoyed my lessons.

Rhett Drummond

I'd had a couple of other instructors before being recommended to Dave, I found he was different in that he wasn't just interested in my money! He was like a friend teaching me and was flexible to work around my work shift patterns. I passed first time with 2 minors & can highly recommend him if you are looking for an instructor.

Yasmin Morley

It was very hard to choose an instructor, but after going to a driving presentation at my 6th Form and a recommendation from my friend, Jeff was my natural choice and I passed first time. Thanks so much for everything

James Adsett

Not for one minute would I even consider choosing another driving instructor. Dave Simmonds gave me not only the essential driving tuition I needed, but the confidence and enthusiasm needed to achieve my driving goals which led me to a first time pass, I really couldn't of done it with out you Dave! If you're still undecided on which instructor to go with, don't look any further than Dave!

Scott Armour

Thanks Jeff for all your help over the last few weeks, I will certainly recommend you to my brother when he is 17

Michael Irons

Dave made learning to drive fun, as if it's a mate teaching you. I passed first time and I'm sure the relaxed atmosphere in the car contributed to this.

Hannah Resoun

Well, where do I start! Dave's an amazing instructor and delivers lessons as a fun way of learning. I'm so glad I was recommended to him by my friends, they told me he would find a way of teaching me that I could understand and now I'm driving! He's cheaper than most, flexible and always happy, what more could you ask for! 

Ben Jayston

Jeff Dowsett was an excellent and attentive instructor helping me pass first time with only 2 minors

Rachel Bowers

Anyone thinking of learning how to drive I strongly recommend Dave Simmonds, it's been wicked learning to drive with you

Lauren Denness

If you're looking for an instructor, look no further! Dave has been a great instructor and I would recommend him to anyone!! He's always on time, easy to talk to and he made sure I was definitely ready for the test! Thank you for helping me pass first time!!

Jessica Curran

I couldn't imagine having anyone else other than Dave as my instructor, I enjoyed my driving lessons which helped massively to passing my test, first time. Nothing was ever a problem for Dave, he'd do anything he could to help and I'd always recommend him to anyone!

George Utteridge

Driving with Dave made the learning experience an enjoyable one. Dave is always punctual, cheerful, enthusiastic and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure test success. He's a great instructor, certainly better than my previous one